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White Family Tree
Joseph White  (Sam) 1801a  -  ?  Married 1831  Susan Wintle  1809a  6 children

1. John Joseph 1832 - 13-10-1917  2. Joseph (Josh) 1846 - 6-12-1913   3. Harry 1848   4. Charles -1850   5. Edward (Ted) 1853 NZ    6. Ellen 1856 -
Joseph senior was a Master Mariner, born in England about 1801. His two eldest sons, Sam and Josh became masters in sail.
Josh was also a ship-right (builder of ships) and attained the rank of mariner.
Sam brought his Mother, sister and brothers to Australia and with Josh ran a trading service between Australia and New Zealand.
Josh built ships and sam either sold them or sailed them in their trading business.
Josh eventually settled down with Mary Louise Antonia in Picket St. Footscray and raised 8 children.
Josh was born in Whitechapel England. Mary was born in Footscray Victoria.
1. John Joseph   (Sam)   1832 - 13.10.1917 Married  Agnes Fairbairne Turnbull 36-8.11.1889
   2 children Saidie & Maggie
   Second Marriage  Mary Minty

2. Joseph (Josh) 1846 – 6.12.1913    Married 20.11.1872 Mary Louisa Antonia Noack (Greabel) 23.9.1853 – 9.5.1952   9 children
        1. John, 2. Dorothea, 3. Albert, 4. Helen (Nell), 5. Agnes, 6. Augustus, 7. Winifred, 8. Norman (Norm), 9. Bertha (Daisy)
        1. John Alfred   3. Albert Wintle (Bert) 5. Agnes Josephine (Ash) 6. Agustus Bramston (Gus) 7. Winifred Maud (Win)
Back Row:- John (Jack), Albert (Bert), Winifred (Maud), Agustus (Gus)
Front Row:- Helen (Nell), Agnes (Ash), Joseph (Josh), Mary Louisa, Norm
Standing in front:-Bertha (Daisy)
3. Harry    1848a

4. Charles 1850a

5. Edward (Ted) Lived in New Zealand

6. Ellen 1856a  Married 1869a Johnson. He died in  1895 after 26 children, 16 survived 
    The next born, after the deceased,  took the name of the baby who died.
    They lived in Williamstown and ran a laundry business taking in washing from the ships.

Dorothea Louisa Noack  1827a in Wilmersdolf Germany Married   13.3.1854  Wilhelm Greabel  1823a he was a farmer
Dorothea gave birth to four children, , they were  1. Augusta, 2. Mary, 3. Christian, 4. Albert
the second Mary was fathered by Frederick Switzaquer
1. Augusta 1852a  in Germany Married John Mc Naughton
2. Mary Louisa Antonia 23.9.1853   - 9.5.1952 Married   20.11.1872 Joseph (Josh) White 1846-6.12.1913
    They had 9 children,  1. John, 2. Dorothea, 3. Albert, 4. Helen, 5. Agnes, 6. Augustus, 7. Winifred, 8. Norman, 9. Bertha
Then Dorothea Louisa with Christian Wilhelm had the other two children,
    They were 3. Christian Otto Ludwig (Otto)   9.5.1857 and  4. Albert   1860a  in Morang
                     3. Christian  Married 8.2.1874 Mary Scott
                         Together they assisted in the rearing of Mary and Joseph’s Albert second son Albert Wintle

Dorothea Louisa later married a Mr. McCarthy.